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and lies that they're fed.
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[June 15th, 2006]
i have mono...

but its ok.. cuzz i'm getting better..

its complete hell tho
i have no life lol

kayla logan jenica and kelsea came and visited me!! it made my dad


i love my friends!!

boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

[June 3rd, 2006]
[ mood | crushed ]


i am very broken..

i hate guys, everyone i have gone for has broken my heart.
and i'm done

i thought he was goin to be different

i go for the bad boys and i'm that girl who thinks she can change them but then is fucked up in the end...

1 / boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

[May 16th, 2006]
well all i can say is...
this year was amazing..
and i can't believe its almost done
i loved it...
i only have 3 more games left of soccer
i'm deppressed...
i have no school friday
i guess i'm partying pretty hard.. hell yes

i can't stop smiling...

boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

[May 8th, 2006]
oh boy...
i'm feeling alittle better.. thank god
steph and i just went to dairy queen
and saw frank and sammy...
i love sam serioulsy he is my favorite

ha this is kinda weird but i have a crush on frank
it was the weirdest thing i was telling steph
abotu how i think he is really cute
and shes liek oh you two would be sooo cute
and all of the sudden we those two boys
and then they are at dairy queen
she was liek TRESSA UTS FATE!
haha need a relationship... i loved having a bf
and that other boy is done...
i tryed and tryed to talk to him
and he just didn't give a fucken shit
w/e i don't care ne more i'm moving on...

lol i love steph...
boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

[May 4th, 2006]
i can't take this ne more
i care for him soo much
and i live him a lot...
we hang out every weekend
and its perfectly good
but at school its like it never happened
i hate this sooo much..
there are no other guys i want
or like..
they are all dumb and ugly


i hate this

i hope this weekend

is fun...

i hate crying over this...
1 / boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

[April 30th, 2006]
[ mood | cheerful ]

oh what a night...
Last nightCollapse )

4 / boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

[March 12th, 2006]
i have a crush on this boy...
he makes me smile
even when i can't lift
the corners of my lips
he drinks
he smokes

i have this crush on this boy...

oh boy....
boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

[February 16th, 2006]
[ mood | Very Tired ]

idk whats been up with me
my days have been good
and life it treating me might well
but i have been sooooooo tired
i have been goin to bed at liek 10:30
and waking up at about 5:15...
and i have almost fallen asleep
everyday in school

well i guess i have to go to bed earlier
and wake up later!

nighty night


love ya Tres

2 / boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

[February 14th, 2006]

i love you all!!!!!!!!!
1 / boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

[February 12th, 2006]
[ mood | calm ]

i haven't been on the computer in liek ages..
well life is every good tho i just got grounded
ha i lied to my dad i feel bad
and it was stupid that i did.. i was at tommys
my dad wouldn't of even cared cuzz the parents were home
so it was all good but
ahhh i'm grounded from the car for 2 weeks
damn that hurts what ever i guess
hes goin to have to come over all the time now lol....

well i had a game last night it was sooo awesome
i loved it i miss playing soccer soo bad..
the season starts in a month or 2..
our first game is march 25th woot woot!

well w/e don't know what else so say..

ta ta

<3 Tres

boys whisper lullabies and wet the bed.

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